Who Invents Fashion?

Who comes up with fashion?

Let's imagine a situation that it's time to update your wardrobe. You go to the largest shopping center in your city, go from store to store: mass market, more expensive, cheaper, unknown firms. After several hours of try-ons and 2 snacks, it becomes obvious - on all the hangers plus / minus the same things. It was?

It's all the fault of trends - current trends in fashion. “Where do clothing trends come from?” You ask. No, it is:

- not a universal conspiracy;

- not specially trained people;

- not divination by tarot cards.

In fact, global fashion trends are formed by you and me - ordinary people and spontaneous events of a global scale. For example, quarantine or eco-movement. But it would be cunning to say that no one else is involved in the further formation of trends in fashion.

Forecast for ... fashion

There are special agencies in the world that predict what will become popular in future seasons. One of the largest such trend bureaus is WGSN and TrendUnion. A team of trendforecasts (forecast - weather) experts analyze the consumer market, the situation in the world, the fashion of the past and hundreds of other factors that will affect the choice of the buyer.

Having knocked down statistics and reports, such agencies release trendbooks for sale. All items for the following seasons are spelled out in the "fashion encyclopedias": a palette of colors, fabric scraps for the next year, photographic references, even stylish interiors, dishes and lifestyle options in general.

The first such book, Megatrends, was published 40 years ago and made a splash in the marketing world. Since then, trendbooks have been used by all major designers before sewing collections. And futurology - the science of future demand - has become a multi-million dollar business.

The question "where to find out the trends" became more and more popular. Every company with a decent budget was eager to find out what the buyer would want to see on the shelves in 3-5-10 years, and the number of analytical agencies grew like mushrooms. Today, some experts calculate short-term forecasts, others predict trends for 25 years ahead, and still others deal only with narrow niches. For example, Pantone has become an expert in color and every year they advertise next year's flagship colors. Trends in 2021 - yellow and gray.

Not only the fashion industry uses the services of trendbooking, but also automobile concerns, cosmetic factories, manufacturers of household appliances and even ministries of some countries. More often than not, the high cost of such a commercial forecast pays off. After all, a scrupulous analysis of all spheres of human life and espionage for online purchases gives a guaranteed result. Almost all trends will successfully take root in the coming years, and controversial trends - in 5-7 years.

How fashion trends appear and how to predict them are already being taught at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and other universities. The subject is called "trend consulting".

Media ambassadors or where street fashion comes from

Tiktokers, youtubers, instabloggers with millions of audiences sell clothes and accessories for cosmic amounts. In terms of the degree of influence on the public, they have long pushed the stars of show business. Often, no trendbook can predict which account will blow up Instagram, what will be in the vine, which will be trending tiktok, and which will go viral on Youtube. But definitely, millionaire bloggers are becoming the new trendsetters of the generation.

With the advent of social media, direct selling and imposing has become bad form. At the peak of popularity, advertising without ads or green sales, which very delicately offer you to buy a product. No slogans or appeals: you observe the lifestyle of your favorite blogger on the web, and then you order yourself the same backpack as his. Influencer marketing just worked: selling a product through trust in a specific person on the network. This collaboration between a large firm and a blogger is another way to create a trend.

 Original or what to do next?

How to live in an environment of hidden advertising? Is it worth worrying about search engines suggesting new sneakers even if you just thought of them? And is there a place left for creativity and self-expression in a world where everything is going according to the forecast trend beech? Everyone will answer this question for himself. But once you find your own style, you will not be threatened by any fashionable templates.

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