Types of Female Figures and How to Choose Clothes

Girls are different - thin and angular, slender and puffy, with outstanding seductive curves. And they are all wonderful, especially if they know the specifics of their structure and do not neglect useful tips for making a wardrobe. Any figure, good, problematic, slender or with cute feminine curves, does not need to be draped from head to toe, leaving no piece of body to admire. But there is certainly something to admire, the main thing is to look well.


The most "problem-free" figure is the "hourglass", where the waist is quite clearly defined, and the shoulders are about the same width as the hips. Your task is to emphasize the dignity of such a figure and maintain the balance given by nature.

You can easily wear fitted clothes, wrap dresses and blouses, coats with a belt, which are now recommended by leading fashion houses. Such a figure is very suitable for outfits where the top is symmetrical to the bottom, for example, a classic sheath dress to the knee. If you are wearing a pencil skirt with a strict blouse, it is better to unbutton a couple of buttons so that there is no heavy blank top. This is one of those body structures where a high-waisted skirt fits. A short bustier dress in the style of a baby doll is an option just for such a figure.

Sharp corners

As the shoulders widen, the shape becomes like an inverted triangle. Pronounced shoulders and narrow hips are considered purely masculine. It is important here with the help of clothes to lighten the top and give the hips splendor.

Forget the current 80s trend of wide shoulders or any stiff jackets with straight lines. You should also not diligently wrap scarves around your neck, creating here the illusion of a head pulled into the shoulders.

The upper part of the figure is made more feminine with deep V-shaped necklines. The model of blouses "American armhole" exposes the shoulders, but due to the correct cut on the neckline visually destroys the heavy silhouette. We decorate the bottom with a skirt of the "balloon", "tulip", "bell" shapes or drape abundantly in folds.

The triangle, looking upward at an angle, is narrow shoulders with wide hips, which we will "unload". Be very careful when designing the top of such a shape. If you have it less expressive, rather thin, then you can afford both lantern sleeves and voluminous shoulders in jackets, lush frill in blouses that will draw attention to yourself. However, if narrow shoulders are adjacent to large breasts, such tricks will not be beneficial. Here you need to choose a classic V-neckline and a delicate cut, while playing with the colors. A bright monophonic top, a rich print, a large floral pattern with a dark color on the bottom will draw attention to themselves. A tulip skirt, strict straight trousers with pinstripes, which with high heels and attractive top will distract attention from the heaviness of the hips, will do. Trousers and jeans can be flared from the hip, but not narrowed and cropped, especially not harem pants.

Where are we going to make the waist?

If the figure gravitates towards a rectangle - the waist is equal to the width of the hips and shoulders, whether it is lush or slender, it is necessary to visually neatly destroy these regular shapes, trying to highlight the waist.

And in this case, you should be very careful: a belt, a belt that clings to the waist, pulling and narrowing it, will look bad on a plump girl, hiding under expressive folds that can completely absorb it. For a slim figure, a narrow belt with a bright bow is another option.

For both curvy and skinny girls with straight natural data, you can visually draw the outlines of the figure using flared skirts and low-rise trousers. With a bottom like this, skinny girls can wear a simple, form-fitting top, while curvy girls can opt for a wrap-around blouse that outlines a diagonal, narrowing the waist.


What we want to hide, we dress in a dark color, if you need to attract attention - the color is pure, saturated. Psychedelic prints mask unnecessary volume and at the same time distract attention from flat, expressionless forms. A stripe and a plaid blouse will help create the illusion of a fuller bust.

Scarves that lie freely, V-shaped notches, flowing fabrics will visually help to stretch the figure. Heavy belt buckles, round collar, large brooches on the chest, chunky knit scarf can make the silhouette more voluminous.

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