Top 10 New Season Items for Every Fashionista

Stylish novelties from the latest collections have already descended from the catwalks and are flying off the shelves with cosmic speed! What is impossible to pass by this season?

Cage by Stella Mccartney

A large cage is one of the main trends of the season! She adorns mohair and virgin wool garments from the Stella McCartney fall collection. Wear with your favorite jeans or trendy school-style pleated skirts.

Valentino White Collar Dress

Contrast collars on dresses are back in fashion! This wardrobe detail either rises to the peak of popularity, then loses ground a little, but never leaves the wardrobes of fashionistas for a long time. A white collar helps to complete the look and give even the most modest dress a special charm.

Dolce & Gabbana Byzantine print

The “holy” collection of Dolce & Gabbana has caused a lot of controversy and conversation not only among fashionistas, but also among people far from the fashion industry. But one cannot be denied - the symbolic embroidery with crystals and gold in the form of a mosaic from Dolce & Gabbana attracts attention, and such an accessory will hardly go unnoticed.

Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Тhis accessory conquered many fashionists due to its extravagance: "evil" design can suddenly appear on the bag, even when it seems that everything is calm. When it is open, demonic yellow crocodile eyes appear on the side, and if you open the zipper, you can see a smirk! It's better not to joke with the owner of the accessory!

Givenchy Bambi Sweatshirt

Givenchy's Bambi print sweatshirt is a must-have for every fashionista this season! This is, without exaggeration, the most popular thing on street fashion blogs. A real hit and the perfect blend of pop culture and Disney naive animation.

All-Seeing Eye by KENZO

Perhaps this is the most mystical and unusual novelty of this season! The eye print that adorns the famous knitted sweaters, skirts and dresses from Kenzo is one of the most striking, memorable and interesting this fall. It seems that these sly eyes see everything around, and you will not be left without attention with such a pattern!

Saint Laurent Metallic Tuxedo

The fitted black tuxedo is a Saint Laurent classic. Well, a fitted tuxedo with a sparkling metallic sheen is a must have for a gentleman! The glitz of the 70s is back, so why not make the most of it?

ACNE colorblock biker jacket

A modern girl's wardrobe should have at least one leather jacket. This season, not only plain leather is in fashion, but also multi-colored variations in the colorblock style. ACNE was one of the first to replicate this trend and they were not mistaken!

Pink Coat by Rochas

This coat is a mixture of two contrasts: a delicate pink color and a man's cut of a deliberately larger size. Still in doubt and clinging to a proven classic? Not worth it: a strict coat should be in the wardrobe, but nothing will prevent such a bright option from settling there!

Pierre Hardy Bright Bag

The graphic design in Pierre Hardy accessories is another recognizable detail! The color scheme is based on the contrast of deep blue, lemon yellow and coral colors. The bag itself is crafted from gorgeous soft suede and has a black leather lining. The metal strap is no less original. It's hard to go unnoticed with such an accessory!

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