Summer for Men 2021

What to wear for a man in the summer of 2021: fashion trends

Summer is a small life. This year there is a chance to live it not in a remote apartment and Netflix. Which means it's worth adding a couple of trendy accents to your wardrobe. Let's enjoy long days and warm nights until quarantine do us part! Top 10 trends in menswear will help make it fashionable.

1. Work clothes

Shirts with large patch pockets, overalls like auto mechanics and any semblance of military, work and even prison uniforms are at their peak. Lightweight fabric, natural mono colors (sand, khaki, brown, blue) and plenty of storage space - why isn't summer 21 fashion ideal? Tip: put off your jeans jumpsuits until better times.

2. Bomber

For just a couple of years, the sports jacket gave way to jeans. This summer, designers suggest choosing a bomber jacket for cool evenings. Moreover, all the options are suitable for the male trend: from classic monochrome to bright models with stripes, asymmetry and glitter.

Tip: do not choose a jacket close-up, oversize is still in vogue.

3. Bermuda shorts

Another fashion trend for the benefit of comfort. Loose shorts with a straight cut, comfortable length up to or just below the knee - this option will perfectly fit into urban lifestyle instead of a hot pair of jeans. Combine with your favorite shoes and go!

Tip: The most daring can wear Bermuda shorts this summer with sandals under the toe. Do this carefully so as not to be branded as your grandfather!

4. Hoodie

It is no exaggeration that a sweatshirt with a hood has not gone out of fashion for 100 years. Men's style for the summer is no exception. Tie the sleeves of the hoodie diagonally over the top of the shirt, at the waist, or wear over the shirt in cool weather. There are a lot of options, the main thing is to buy clothes made from natural and high-quality materials.

Tip: Pay attention to the original print. It's time to experiment!

5. Shirt

And in this case, too, a wide selection for every taste. An excellent investment in men's 2021 summer style and in a basic wardrobe in general would be a white or light blue long-sleeved shirt. Wear the short sleeves on top of a T-shirt or T-shirt like the bad guys in a 90s action movie.

Tip: be sure to take models made from natural fabrics. Synthetics are not only cheap but look the same.

6. Neon

For several seasons in a row, acid colors are taking over the catwalks and streets. Men's clothing style this summer prefers yellow. To avoid passing off as a road worker, pair fluorescent yellow with bright white, gray, black and leather accessories.

Tip: Looks perfect on tanned skin.

7. Pastel shades

And here it is worth clarifying how to dress a man in the summer and get into trendy colors. The soft bleached palette revolutionized 10 years ago. The masculine style began to accept light pinks, purples and blues. It's time to admit that lavender is beautiful. Don't choose a basic wardrobe in pastels. Better to take a T-shirt, hoodie or cap.

Tip: When in doubt, start with long pink socks. And the risk is small and it looks cool.

8. Vest

Summer: clothes remind of vacation. Sea adventures in a variety of variations are easy to combine with a basic wardrobe. The stripe suits everyone, just choose the combination of blue and white you like.

Tip: the duet of denim and vest is an immortal casual outfit.

9. Minimalism

Men's style 2021 summer offers simpler options, but only at first glance. It is enough to wear classic black or white. It's all about the style: it's better to choose a loose fit or custom cutouts. For example, black straight wide leg pants + white shirt + white sneakers. This set is versatile to wear and looks gorgeous.

Tip: Take your minimalism shopping seriously. Clothes made from natural fabrics of high quality tailoring are a good investment. They usually stay in the wardrobe for ten years.

10. Floral print

Yes, the male flower also exists and not only on Hawaiian shirts. The costumes are made of lightweight fabric in floral patterns and look like real canvases from an art museum. Kandinsky's abstract motifs and old-school wallpaper colors have inspired designers this season. We are not sure if the men's style for the summer of 2021 is already fully prepared for such a turn. But it looks bohemian!

Tip: Perfect for a stylized 70s party.

 2021 trends in menswear make it possible to unleash fantasies to the fullest. Especially in the colors. No need to worry about complex structures: give your choice to comfortable and free things in which the body will breathe. Make the main bet on a trendy shade or non-standard colors. But first of all, choose things in which you feel confident and comfortable.

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