Streetwear - What's This?

Streetwear: from the beach and the streets to the catwalks of Paris and New York

The focus of attention has long shifted from evening collections and couture. The whole world is watching the release of a new model of sneakers, collaborations of sports brands and celebrities. Street fashionistas confidently took pride of place in glossy magazines and created their wildly popular brands. Streetwear rules in the 2020s. Translated from English "streetwear" should not be taken literally. Behind comfortable bows is the "green" 50-year-old philosophy of the modern generation - millennials.

Streetwear - what is it?

In hot Southern California, muscular guys and girls are taking surfing to the level of a professional sport. Burnt hair, bronze skin, brightly colored wetsuits and a spirit of freedom. Everyone wants to be like them and it is not necessary to cut the waves. Brands that were originally tailored specifically for surfing needs (O'neil, Quicksilver, RipCurl) started making casual wear. And they did not lose!

At the same time, a skate party is developing and a native of these activities - Sean Stussy - begins to paint the boards with an author's print. And then he transfers it to T-shirts and caps. Things quickly become recognizable and scatter in narrow circles. This is how the streetwear style and brand Stussy was born with the light feed of surfers and skaters.

Towards the end of the 1980s, the brand had re-fashioned style alongside the runway from basic and athletic apparel, and cult photographers began filming their advertising campaigns. Street culture took over New York and moved on.

Streetwear brands and dashing 90s

A little later, music also influenced the philosophy of street fashion: the new wave, reggae and, of course, hip-hop. No other style of music has made such a cult out of clothes as hip-hop before. Branded items have become a significant part of the image of each rapper and belonging to a particular caste. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Farrell Williams take the stage in massive chains, gold mouth fixings and Timderland work boots. The popularity of the voice of the streets was gaining momentum. Together with her, streetwear developed in different countries.

At the same time, a streetwear store opens, which will become a phenomenon of fashion, art, music and skate sports - Supreme. Yes, this brand is over 25 years old.

The American youth style conquered Japanese tourists, and in the East this style was interpreted according to their own philosophy. Sports and music fade into the background. Comfortable basic tees, sneakers, streetwear pants and jackets are becoming iconic pieces with a contemporary art reference. Firms appeared in Tokyo that would later become world famous - Goodenough, Undercover, BathingApe (or simply Bape).

It was the Japanese stripper designers who first began to collaborate their brands with pop culture stars. And now it’s hard to imagine a large clothing brand that didn’t use this life hack. The fusion of popular personalities from different fields is a cool marketing ploy that has been promoting streetwear style ever since.

In the post-Soviet space, the 90s were a time of sudden freedom and poverty. If someone managed to get hold of an Adidas suit, this did not mean at all that its owner belonged to some subculture. Rather, it spoke of wealth and connections. It wasn't until the end of the decade, after the popularity of MTV and DeTsla, that the subcultural underpinnings of streetwear emerged. Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR wanted to dress like hip-hop and street sports stars.

Making money or about the streetwear of our century

Oversized, chunky sneakers, provocative print hoodies and other street attributes dictate their own fashion rules. The biggest brands in the luxury segment are renting out one by one and releasing collections created with hip-hop stars.

Some of the first were Givenchy and Kanye West - hoodies with rottweilers, sweatpants with stripes and oversized sneakers. Next, Gucci changes its classic logo to the graffiti of a street artist. But the LouisVuitton x Supreme collaboration broke the sales records.

The street has moved to high catwalks and is being sold for a lot of money. From clothes for representatives of subcultures, streetwear has become an expensive product of the world of high fashion. The iconic Balenciaga sneakers, Vetements hoodies and Off-White belts cost hundreds of dollars, but their popularity is already passing.

Streetwear 2021

New Generation Z - a new vision for streetwear. Fashion has finally become comfortable, versatile and slightly more environmentally friendly. And the choice of clothes by domestic designers has finally become a source of pride and has reduced the number of purchased fakes.

Trends in the 21st are ruled by social networks and everyone around them sews merch - souvenir clothing of a personal brand. Marginal style, a la football fan or nostalgia for the 90s? What do you choose?

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