Spring - Summer Wardrobe 2021

What will be relevant in the spring-summer season-2021? What styles, fabrics, colors will be the most popular? Read the answers to these questions below.

Only the cold came to the country, active preparations for the fall-winter season began, and most beauties are already interested in the question of what will be popular in the spring-summer season 2021. The time has come to talk about the trends of the upcoming spring-summer season. What will become relevant?

We will be surprised by outstanding trends and models that suit any and every woman. The new collections of leading designers emphasize the miniature women's waist. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such clothes that will emphasize and, if necessary, visually reduce a woman's waist. This can be done with the help of such necessary and necessary accessories as a belt and a belt.

The main trends of the spring-summer season-2021

The new spring / summer 2021 fashion trends include sophistication and catchy clothing. And to create a flying and graceful image, a dress will come to the rescue of a woman. For this reason, designers create a huge assortment of models and styles of dresses. In the new season, absolutely every girl will be able to choose something unique for herself, based on her preferences in clothes and desires, as well as on the features of her physique.

In summer skirts and dresses, the complexity and unfolding of the cut, the presence of wedges and slits are emphasized. Any fashionista can find clothes for her body type, while looking stylish and modern in this spring-summer season. Straight cut dresses with sleeves, made in a classic palette, are still in fashion, and if you want to create a brighter and more contrasting look, the set can be diluted with intense and rich colors. In the new season, dresses that resemble a wide men's shirt with breast pockets will become relevant. For those who prefer loose clothing, in the coming season, fashion designers offer outfits with huge massive sleeves and large pockets. Depending on the style of the fashionista, you can choose an outfit with corrugation or flounces, especially if there is a desire to add romance to the image. In evening fashion, dresses made of flowing fabrics, trimmed with rhinestones or lace ribbons will become relevant. In addition, in the summer, Empire-style dresses will become popular again - airy dresses with a high waist, floor-length, often with a bare shoulder.

Insanely fashionable statute flared trousers with a cut that will accentuate the waist. These trousers are very comfortable to wear and also fit perfectly on almost any figure.

Spring-summer 2021 palette

It's no secret that catchy and bright colors are especially popular in summer. This summer will be no exception. For example, bright orange and yellow shades will be especially popular. In clothes, fabrics of these colors are used not only in plain colors, but also in various colors. Bright coral and white, deep blue, purple and cream are still especially popular. It should be remembered that bright blue is especially beautiful in tandem with gold and silver. New for the season: soft green and grassy colors. Floristry is very popular in the coming season (this applies mainly to beach fashion). As for prints, abstraction is especially popular.

The colors that have gone into oblivion are gaining popularity again. In particular, it is a shade of "khaki", the color of "wet asphalt", pale lilac. The shade of "khaki" in tandem with catchy non-trivial accessories is especially relevant. You can also combine khaki with purple, salad, burgundy and coral.

Spring-summer season 2021: what's new?

The main novelty of the upcoming season will be dresses with two-sided tailoring. Hidden buttons and fasteners will become a curious trend. This trend will be inherent in both bags and shoes.

Bags that can transform from a miniature purse into a large and convenient bag will be extremely popular in the spring-summer season.

For hot weather, linen and cotton shorts, mostly in bright colors, will be popular. Business-style shorts promise to be very relevant. Micro shorts are still popular, but this model is only suitable for girls with a luxurious slim figure. High-waisted shorts are coming back into fashion, which will make the legs longer and the waist narrower. A necessary accessory will be a belt.

In the new season, fashion designers decided to take a chance by offering you a funny dress that resembles an egg in its shape. However, this style is not created for everyone, but exclusively for slender girls.

Spring-summer season 2021: materials

Flowing, transparent, airy materials like chiffon or lace will be popular. But, at the same time, fabrics such as cotton and linen do not lose popularity. The skin is also relevant.

Spring-summer season 2021: trends

The main trends of the new season will be positive skirts made of flowing materials, bell-bottomed trousers, mini-skirts and mini-shorts, asymmetry in the hem of dresses and skirts. Various floral and animal prints, lace, multi-colored leather are also in fashion.

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