Spring Summer 2021 Trendy Trends

With the arrival of warmth, gray and boring clothes, which are tired of order during the cold weather, move aside. And at the same time, the next fashion season is coming. As a rule, avid women of fashion are waiting for something new and stylish. Designers try their best to please them. The next show hardly left anyone indifferent.

The spring-summer 2021 season will delight us with brightness. Mods will face a difficult choice. But everyone will find something of their own. All popular fashion designers presented very different and worthy collections. So, the American designer Alexander Wang presented an ascetic collection with snakeskin. The French fashion house Chloe has prepared a collection of delicate feminine dresses, while another representative of fashion from France, Dior, has graceful business suits and mini trapezoidal dresses. Oscar de la Renta distinguished itself with particular brightness of outfits. This list can be continued indefinitely. But let's focus on the main points.


Fabrics will be a distinctive feature of the upcoming season. As always, leather will be popular in early spring. But by spring it will become light, thin and will softly lay down on the drapery. In addition, the main trend will be perforated leather. It can be used in different ways: as an independent item, as a skirt, or without any functional load as a simple accessory.

The top will have mesh and translucent fabric. Such materials do not hide nudity, therefore, light gas covers (plain or contrasting) are put on over the dresses. The net will be of different sizes: both large, like a fishing net, and small. You can use it as a decoration.

Lace remains popular every season. Before that, they were used timidly to decorate and decorate accessories. But the coming season has prepared one-piece lace dresses for us. Various options will be available. Red at the bottom and black at the top, or a delicate ash-colored dress and a withered rose in the background. Spicy enough, but at the same time it didn't go well.


Black and white print returns in triumph to the arena. And now this color scheme does not evoke bureaucratic associations. The combinations can be different. And they are not limited to just the chessboard and striped peas. The already boring peas are replaced by stripes. Do not even hesitate and purchase any options: thin, wide, longitudinal, transverse. But look, don't overdo it. Don't choose too simple a strip. And remember that your dimensions should be related to the thickness of the strips and their location. So, for large young ladies, exclusively vertical stripes are suitable.

In the spring, it is worth giving preference to a uniform print rather than a lonely image. Of particular value will be used copies of clothing from one print (flowers, dogs, any animalistic). It is better to place such compositions on “one canvas”: one-piece dress or overalls.

Another novelty that will not leave you indifferent is the snake print. You may have already seen it in collections, but not as a solid unit, but in the form of decoration or accessory. Now imitation of snakeskin can be seen, for example, on light blouses. This print should be diluted with monochromatic things.


In the next fashion season, flounces will be popular: large, voluminous, located along the back. They are able to visually stretch the figure, and they look solemn and elegant. But the slits will make your image sexy, and in the most unexpected places.

The American armhole is also a characteristic feature of this spring. Such are the dresses that cover the throat, but bare the shoulders. Unfortunately, it will not suit everyone. In particular, "lush" fashionistas will have to refuse.

In winter, you will have to sweat a lot in the gym so that in the summer your bare tummy does not shock others. Almost all designers presented short tops. They will be very popular.

The spring shows also featured sports models. Buy "two": shorts and a jacket. A set of shorts and a draped blouse will do. Such kits will not lose their popularity for several more years. Therefore, be sure to buy.


As for the color scheme, two directions can be distinguished here. The first is romantic, sensual, characterized by pastel shades, ivory. And the second direction will be perky and cocky. And in this case, yellow, orange, turquoise colors come out on top.


Stock up on oversized jewelry for the coming summer season. You can't go wrong. Pick up massive, voluminous earrings, and their shape is of secondary importance. Notes of animalism, lace, original shapes of glasses and colored lenses are welcome.

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