Sport Chic in Men's Wardrobe

Sport chic in a men's wardrobe: instructions for use

The pace of a city dweller is so high that it became impossible to pick up several sets of clothes for one day. A modern man goes out into the city in the morning and performs a lot of different tasks: an informal work meeting in a cafe, a meeting in an office, lunch with friends, and in the evening a date at the cinema. Formal wear is not comfortable enough, sportswear is inappropriate, jeans and a sweater are boring. How do you balance convenience and cool looks? The menswear industry has responded by creating a new style that combines functionality and sophistication.

Collaboration of the XX century

Sport chic is a clothing style that mixes sporty, glamorous and classic wardrobe items. The first icons of this relatively young fashion trend were women. The legendary Coco Chanel in the 1920s turned the idea of ​​a woman's image, and dressed herself and models in loose trousers and jersey suits. For the first time, skirts and corsets lost ground. Later, in the 1980s, the worldwide popularity of Jane Fonda - the queen of aerobics - finally transferred sportswear into everyday life.

In the grunge 90s, they began to combine seemingly incompatible things: dress + sneakers, jeans + jacket. But these were more often images for the underground youth. And only in the "zero" almost all civilized countries dropped formalities, a strict dress code and it started ... sports things from stadiums and gyms moved into everyday life.

10 sports details

Stylish combination conquered both female and male wardrobe. And flagship clothing and footwear in sport-chic style can be seen on world celebrities.

1. Sneakers. Even 10-15 years ago, a combination of a classic suit and sneakers would have caused at least a surprised look. Today it is a trendy image. In 2021, we recommend looking at retro sneakers from NewBalance, Reebok and Nike.

2. Sweatshirt. This item has long won men's clothing stores with its versatility. Combine plain colors or original prints with a shirt underneath.

3. Polo shirt. The perfect example of men's sport chic and timeless classics. Feel free to combine polos in natural colors with jeans, a jacket and sneakers.

4. Baseball cap. A practical headdress, the main thing is to choose your favorite shape and a suitable visor. In the case of a cap, choose freely: from the black classics to the shabby NewYork Yankees legend.

5. Hoodie. Hooded sweatshirt + joggers (sweatpants with elastic bands at the bottom) - a new classic in a men's suit. The priority is gray and black monochromatic suits. It is fashionable to wear such a super-practical base with a bomber jacket, jeans, and even a coat.

6. White. If that very chic style is lacking, use light things. For example, a sweatshirt from PymiT. Even if this is not the most practical option, sometimes an event and attitude are required.

Sweatshirt Male

7. Neon accents. Do you like bright? Sport-chic clothing will help you combine classics with acidic clothes. Just don't overdo it.

8. Belt bag. Made from recycled synthetics and faux leather, noname or branded, over the shoulder or at the waist, carry a bag with just about anything. This accessory becomes more popular every season.

9. Robe. An extraordinary item will fit well into a casual and sporty wardrobe. Will add charisma and style to the image. You can buy the current version at a clothing store.

10. Sunglasses-mask. Large models made of black or bright plastic, like ski equipment, will be in vogue in spring / summer 21.

Anti-trends in sport-chic

It is very easy to buy clothes on the Internet, but first you need to think about how it will be combined with the rest of your wardrobe. When it comes to sport chic, there are some anti-tips:

• do not use more than 1-2 sports items in the image

• do not combine more than 3 bright colors

• sport-chic clothing is not suitable for formal events

• Leave thermal boots, equipment and leggings for training (an exception may be a basketball jersey)

• do not overdo it with comfort: from sports casual to pajama style is not far

We are sure that after reading the article, everyone will be able to organically fit sneakers and a T-shirt into the office dress code. And if this is your first time hearing about this style, we recommend picking up a few things for yourself for spring and summer. Due to the widespread quarantine and lockdown, the trend is rapidly gaining momentum. Relax and mix different styles, and will help you with that!

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