Relevance of Ethnostyle Elements in Teenage Fashion

Teenage style is almost a separate trend in fashion. Designers admit that no matter what style is in trend, there are many ethnic elements in teenagers' clothes. These can be accessories, characteristic prints on clothes, embroidery of ornaments, fabric colors.

What is considered ethnic style

Ethnostyle in its purest form is a style of clothing in which motives of different peoples from different countries of the world prevail. For example, Circassian coat, Indian saris, Latin American poncho, Russian sarafan.

Ethnic style in modern fashion is just elements in clothes, with an ethnic hint. Or adapted ethnic clothing such as a poncho.

Teenager clothes with ethnic style elements

In the modern sense, teenage fashion, including with elements of ethnicity, is:

• convenience, practicality and comfort;

• color scale - bright;

• unusual decorative appearance in accessories.

Women's models for teenagers - flared skirts, sundresses, long loose dresses with bright embroidery at the neckline and hem. Vests and jackets, sleeveless jackets and jackets, which are decorated with floral prints or fur trim. Models with embroidery on the dresses are good to wear with rough boots or sneakers. Accessories - bracelets, stylized as ethno.

Men's clothing for teens are shirts with embroidered patterns. As well as bikes, jackets with a small print in ethnic style. These can be geometric shapes or three-dimensional inserts.

Geometric patterns, English cage, bright shades of fabric, floral embroidery - all this creates a modern fashionable image. And in combination with jeans, which are so loved by teenagers - hooligan independent, but at the same time bright.

Ethnicity is present if:

• dark-colored clothes have beaded embroidery of geometric patterns, for example, Egyptian;

• clothes are made of fabric with floral patterns or English cage;

• clothes are combined of orange, green, bright red, blue, where there are characteristic three-dimensional inserts or prints;

• bags are trimmed with fur stripes, beads, with an embroidered pattern;

• a scarf, hat, gloves with a characteristic pattern.

The emerging trends of ethnicity

Ethnic style is ideal for designers and fashion designers. Has the advantage of variety, which is so essential for teen fashion. Today it even has its own directions.

• military - a symbiosis of elements of ethnicity and camouflage;

• ultra - modern classic or streetwear with stylized ethnic elements;

• hand made - a thing made by hand with motives of a folk costume;

• glamorous ethno - expensive clothes, with added knitted elements, embroidery, decorative elements.

And this is the result of the work of not only designers and fashion designers. This is, first of all, the work of the adolescents themselves, whose desire to be bright, to show their originality gives impetus to improvement. No other style gives such a variety of shapes, color combinations, and various ornaments. And eclecticism with elements of ethnicity, like no other, is capable of reflecting the life of adolescents - bright and eventful.

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