Main Trends for Spring Season 2021

In this article, we will look at the main and main trends of the spring 2021 season.

1. Accent shoulders

We can see accent shoulders on dresses. Everyone can easily find a suitable option for themselves. A particularly fitted blazer with accent shoulders would be a good buy.

2. Crop top / bra

Modesty will definitely be out of favor next year. We will wear a sconce with a strict office jacket and any voluminous top. You can also wear a laconic sconce over your clothes to make the look unusual and stylish. This option is suitable for those who like to attract a lot of attention.

3. Doll collars

Designers with false collars have not played enough yet. Huge collars, classic and retro will make the look interesting, giving a slight innocence in the spring of 2021.

4. Blue total denim

A very bright trend for the next season, which will suit everyone, without exception. Flared jeans are especially good in combination with a blue denim shirt. Many designers are increasingly resorting to this trend and vividly display it in their shows.

5. Knitwear

Knitted jersey clothes in spring performance will delight us for a long time. Knitted items will always be needed. They give coziness and comfort, they can be included in your wardrobe in the spring season without hesitation.

6. Transparency

A naked body in transparent flying fabrics will add lightness and tenderness to its owner, therefore in spring and summer a light maxi tunic made of transparent material will be an excellent fashionable option that emphasizes femininity and sexuality.

7. Miniskirt

We'll need a miniskirt next season more than ever. An ultra-short skirt, as if from a children's collection, will add fun and flirtatiousness to your usual everyday wardrobe. It can be of various colors and textures. A mini skirt will look good in combination with a short top.

8. Wider is better

Wide leg pants can be found almost everywhere today. Flying fabric, loose fit looks stylish, versatile and elegant.

Wide trousers are recommended to be worn with a belt to emphasize the waist. They can be safely combined with a cropped top, tucked in a T-shirt or turtleneck. There are many options that will look great.

9. "Orange mood"

A juicy orange will explode this season and add a lot of vibrant colors. It will charge you with a positive and give a good mood all year round. Only real women of fashion will acquire clothes of such a juicy shade. Getting a dress in bright orange would be the right decision.

10 Perfect pink

This spring, it is the pink color and all kinds of its shades that will conquer us. You can dress in pink even from head to toe. Be a real Barbie this season.

Combine several shades of pink in one look to make it look less monotonous. It will always look advantageous, bold and will attract a huge number of men's looks.

eleven . "Fishnet"

An avid fashionista on the beach can be seen in the "fishing net". Mesh is one of the most daring and fashionable solutions, emphasizing boldness and sexuality this season.

There are two types of mesh:

1. Large

2. Small

It is best to wear it over a top or light dress.

he trends of 2021 never cease to amaze. In the spring season, we will see many new fashion trends that will make this season unique.

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