Knitwear Trends in 2021

Knitwear Trends 2021

     Every season the fashion industry dictates new trends and style rules, the creators of clothes try to surprise, and women of fashion are in a hurry to replenish their wardrobe with the next collection. A special place is occupied by knitting fashion, it is extensive and popular on the catwalks of famous designers. Many people are mistaken that knitted clothes are relevant only in the cold season. However, wearing yarn in summer is of particular interest.

     Minimalism and loose fit remain unchanged, oversized sweaters in solid colors, wide cardigans with beautiful buttons, jumpers with simple patterns are welcome. The main trend of the new season is knitted two-piece / three-piece suits. A set of products can be either basic (trousers, skirt, sweater) or non-traditional (shorts, bustier, cardigan). For a suit to be considered fashionable in full, it must be knitted from yarn of the same color.

     The sweater is perhaps the most common wardrobe item. Comfortable to wear, easy to combine with jeans, classic pants, skirts. Fashion connoisseurs have called the trend of this season puff sleeves, or lantern sleeves, which taper closer to the wrist. A high fluffy collar that completely covers the neck is also fashionable. For a sweater to act as outerwear in dry and warm weather, you should pay attention to models made of thick yarn. Large patterns can also be found on the sleeves, which add elegance to the sweater and distinguish it from many others.

        This season has introduced a stir for knitted vests, which have been waiting for their time. To make the thing not seem boring, designers give more transformation. Elongated vests with deep slits along the hips are very popular. A high neckline or V-neck can serve as an addition. The sleeveless jacket is combined with white shirts, T-shirts, but is also worn as a separate item of clothing. Knitted cotton tops, which look elegant with a jacket, are more suitable for this role.

     Floral embroidery, fashionable this season, will help to add colors and focus on the product. It can be both smooth and voluminous. In addition to flowers, designers use inscriptions in different styles, for example: large or small, embroidered or knitted using the jacquard technique.

        Knits are great for everyday life, and even the most basic piece will make the look attractive.

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