How to Dress Stylishly and Warmly in the Cold Season

Winter! An incredible time of the year! How many pleasant things it conceals in itself: New Year's holidays, walks in a snow-covered park, snowboarding and skiing or just down a hill in a nearby yard, blush on cheeks from frosty weather, mesmerizing views around. Already my head is spinning! But for many girls, style and cold are incompatible concepts.

Most are faced with a choice - warm or stylish. Agree, it is at this time of the year that you rarely see people on the street who look really good. It seems that severe frosts do not affect only famous fashionistas from social networks. It is difficult to look stunning if there is a chance of frostbite on the head, back and legs. Or put on a huge warm down jacket.

Many people believe that being fashionable and attractive in winter is unrealistic. But don't despair! Let's reveal a few secrets for you! And you will radically reconsider your beliefs, and most importantly, your appearance!

1. The beautiful half of humanity has completely forgotten about turtlenecks. But they are so practical and cool. There is always a choice: thin or coarser bulky knits. In especially cold weather, wear two at once - the lighter one is more massive. Very comfortably! If it gets too hot in the office or school, take off one and look great.

2. Thermal shirts and tights are ideal for any clothes and are completely invisible. They are great for warming and will be a salvation if you intend to be in the cold for a long time.

3. Choose high boots or high boots! They should reach to the knees and fit neatly to the leg. Beautiful leather boots will make your look luxurious.

4. A scarf is almost the main secret of how to keep warm and beauty at the same time. It will complement the look with color and texture. Any boring down jacket or jacket will play in a new way.

5. A hat is the only way to warm our head. Here the choice is simply huge! Knitted, felt, fur or berets. Play with shades, shapes and materials! But do not buy too bulky and complex models. The simpler the better.

6. A winter jacket or coat should fit you perfectly, especially around the shoulders. Otherwise, you will seem too bulky and baggy. Note that the longer the outerwear, the warmer. Recently, plush coats or coats have become very popular (natural fur has long been out of fashion).

7. When leaving the house, remember about mittens or gloves. They complement your look and warm your hands perfectly.

8. Don't just look at blacks and grays. Very interesting will be, for example, olive, wine or bottle. And they look stylish and unmarked to wear.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Combine, try new! Experiment!

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