How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Many people are familiar with the situation when, with wardrobes filled to capacity, there is absolutely nothing to wear. This paradox is explained by the fact that we often buy things spontaneously, without thinking about whether they will be combined with the clothes that we already have. As a result, unnecessary things appear, which entail additional costs, since it becomes necessary to buy something for them in the kit.

Fortunately, a solution has long been invented for this problem. This is a capsule wardrobe. Please note that the capsule and basic wardrobe are different concepts. The latter includes only the most essential things that can be worn in almost any situation. As a rule, things for a basic wardrobe are selected in a classic style.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing items for various situations (capsules). The items inside the capsules are combined with each other and matched in the same style. The garments are easily combined inside the capsule, which makes it possible to create numerous sets.

To form a capsule wardrobe, you must adhere to a certain sequence.

1. Identify all areas of life for which you need clothing. The number of life spheres is the number of capsules. For example, your reality may include office work, attending concerts, morning jogging in the park, and skiing. Also determine how long each of these areas takes in your life. It is important to understand how much clothing and money is needed to create each capsule. Agree, if your social life is limited to a New Year's corporate party, it is unlikely that buying ten evening dresses will be advisable.

2. Define a color palette. Experts advise choosing base, main and accent shades for capsules.

Basic colors are black, white and beige. These shades are good for skirts, trousers, shoes and outerwear.

Primary colors are shades that match your color type. Within the same color, cold tones will suit someone, and warm tones for someone.

Accent colors are used to add expressiveness to the image. This problem is solved with a bright scarf, scarf or jewelry.

3. Choose the styles and texture of the fabric. Here you need to proceed from the features of the figure, as well as the situations for which things are bought.

4. Make up capsules. Items from different capsules may well overlap. If there is no dress code, navy blue jeans with a blazer or cardigan are perfect for the office and for a picnic outside the city.

5. Take an inventory of the cabinets. You may already have a base for your capsules. Then all that remains is to buy the missing components. By the way, stylists are advised to update your wardrobe before the start of each season. A well-designed capsule wardrobe will allow you to limit seasonal purchases to 1-2 items.

These simple wardrobe guidelines will help you find clothes for every occasion at home and reduce the stress in your life.

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