How to Build a Basic Wardrobe

New fashion trends, the appearance of TV stars, advertising of clothes make you take a critical look at your wardrobe every time. A person with an interest in fashion, be it a man or a woman, from time to time wonders how relevant their wardrobe is today and how it could be updated or adjusted. Let's try to answer these questions with the help of some rules by which you can evaluate or create a wardrobe, as they say, from scratch.

Sometimes women do not trust their own ideas about fashion, do not have enough aesthetic taste or the necessary time. In these cases, any of these women can seek help from fashion specialists, stylists and personal consultants. Such services are not cheap. But there is nothing difficult in putting together a wardrobe on your own. You just need to understand your needs, realize your capabilities and realistically take into account the features of your figure. As one of the auxiliary tools, you can call thematic printed articles. There are several general criteria that characterize a modern and practical wardrobe. In order to look stylish and beautiful, it is not at all necessary to have an extensive wardrobe and exclusively branded items.

It is enough that there are mutually combinable things in your closet. A monotonous wardrobe will never be trendy. If a woman has several pairs of jeans and not a single skirt, then this problem needs to be corrected. Compliance with the matching color scheme will allow you to multiply combinations of existing things. A practical wardrobe is characterized by the presence of clothes made of various fabrics. For example, it would be wrong to have only knitted items. Clothes made from natural and synthetic fabrics will seriously enrich your wardrobe and increase the number of combinations.

In the wardrobe of a modern and fashionable person, there must be festive clothing items that will differ in style and quality from everyday things. A competent approach to accessories will make the appearance of any fashionista unique. Feel free to experiment with scarves, shawls, beads or straps. The only caveat is that there shouldn't be more than two of them in each suit. Considering the many seasons and off-seasons, it is correct to have several types of outerwear for different weather. Special attention should be paid to hats.

It has long been out of fashion to go without a hat, showing off your hair in any weather. Considering your hairstyle and head shape, try to get several types of hats that suit your outerwear and your local climate. Shoes will make a person's appearance complete. Like clothing, footwear should be subdivided into festive and casual. Based on these rules, we can talk about creating or correcting a wardrobe. How to build a wardrobe from scratch A young girl who dreams of looking stylish and fashionable needs to acquire several pieces of clothing. We offer a rough list of such things: Pants. Let it be casual jeans and dress pants. Skirts. Straight strict skirt and romantic light skirt. Blouse. A classic strict blouse of a light shade, a casual shirt of any color, an elegant festive blouse for a combination with a skirt, trousers or jeans. Knitted jumper, badlon.

There may be several of them: with a different cut on the chest, different sleeve lengths, different colors. Warm clothes. It is recommended to provide for the presence of warm clothes for the winter period: a knitted sweater with a neck, a jacket, a cardigan, warm tights, possibly trousers with insulation. Outerwear. Waterproof jacket, light raincoat, demi-season and winter outerwear. Hats. They should be combined in style with outerwear. It is better to have different options: a cap, a beret, a bandage, a hat. Sportswear. Leggings, sweaters with zippers, sweatpants, T-shirts, shorts. How to make a basic wardrobe The basic wardrobe of any girl depends on her lifestyle. Minimum or basic, the set of clothes will be different in each case. A girl - a student, or an office worker, or a young mother - agree that their wardrobes will be very different. One thing is for sure - you can create a basic wardrobe, taking into account your individual characteristics, using the above-mentioned list. Stylists' advice Wardrobe selection is a necessary, interesting and creative business. According to experts, in order to choose a wardrobe, you just need to turn on your own imagination. On the advice of stylists, modern fashion encourages experimentation and daring.

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