How do I know the size of the clothes?

Why does each country have its own size chart or How do I know my clothing size?

Each country, and sometimes even a brand, has its own table of men's and women's clothing sizes. When compiling them, they rely on the average anthropometric (from the Greek to measure a person) values ​​of the population in a particular region. There are more than 70 such dimensional characteristics: from head circumference to ankle circumference. If you have been to the tailor, then surely remember that he carefully measured all the protruding parts of the body with a centimeter. Serial production of clothing is based on 3 main dimensional characteristics, depending on the gender and age of a person.

Taking measurements from a huge number of people made it possible to create standard dimensional grids and patterns for clothes, but a universal table was never invented, so men's and women's clothing sizes in the CIS, America, Europe and Asia differ significantly. For example, men's clothing sizes M and L in China are XS \ S and S \ M for Ukraine, respectively. Clothing sizes are also marked in different ways:

- by the parameter of the product - the tag indicates the own dimensions of the garment (for jeans, this is the length along the inner seam, for example)

- by the parameter of a typical figure - the range of values ​​of the girth of the chest and waist, if we choose men's clothing sizes, chest and hips, - if the women's clothing sizes.

- according to the dimensional grid - when a certain number or letter corresponds to certain girths. This ratio is different in different countries and firms.

Unlike the rest of the world, the United States has not adopted the metric system and uses inches and feet for measurements. It is not surprising that the choice of men's clothing sizes for American brands should be especially careful. They were based on the military uniform. The obesity of the population also left its imprint. Clothes for large ones were marked with lower numbers so as not to upset the buyer and to stimulate sales.

In Europe, the situation is also different. Although the standard of clothing is in centimeters and kilograms familiar to us, it consists of 3 parts: control parameters of the body, main and additional measurements, interval (run-up of indicators of circles). All this is marked with the help of a popular code that has secretly become international.

How to choose the right men's clothing sizes?

In order to clearly find out the parameters of your body and choose the right wardrobe online, you need to measure yourself with an ordinary centimeter. It is better if you get help from outside.

Height. Stand up straight without straining and maintaining a familiar posture. Keep your hands along your torso, your heels together.

Chest circumference. The tape of the centimeter runs parallel to the floor along the torso through the nipples.

Waist circumference. The tape of the centimeter runs horizontally along the torso at the waist line.

Everything, the main thing is fixed, you can breathe out. We hope you were happy with the result) Below is a table of men's clothing sizes in different countries. Use it if you are planning on shopping on the Internet.

How to choose the right women's clothing sizes?

Girls and women are measured in underwear and without shoes.

Height. Stand up straight, do not strain and keep your usual posture. Hands along the torso, heels together.

Bust. The tape is placed horizontally around the body through the protruding points of the mammary glands.

Hips. The centimeter covers the upper points of the buttocks, runs along the body a little closer to the navel.

Women's clothing sizes are shown in the table below. Don't be too lazy to take your measurements before adding the “that” cool sweatshirt to your shopping cart.

Life hacks for successful online shopping

  • The larger parameter should be decisive for determining the size. If your waist size is M and your chest size is S, then choose an item in size M.
  • Consider the style and fabric. The trendy oversize should not be "end-to-end" now, askinny - to hang. Stretch fabrics should fit the figure, but not squeeze.
  • Be sure to check the sizing chart with each brand.
  • In Ukraine, the main role in determining the size is played by the half-girth of the chest.
  • Sometimes the manufacturer indicates the height on the product. The tolerance is ± 3 cm. Otherwise, you risk looking ridiculous.
  • Advice for girls. Can't find the right shirt or hoodie? In the women's department, pastel shades and inappropriate decor? Feel free to choose small sizes in men's departments.

We wish you happy shopping. Keep your size in stock!

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