Anorak. What and For What?

Undoubtedly, both the piercing wind and the cold rain make romantic walks in the autumn park, as well as the very rewarding morning jogging, not very attractive. However, the problem can be easily solved if an anorak jacket has already appeared in your demi-season wardrobe. What it is? What are its advantages?

Anorak jacket for men: origin and purpose

Anorak male (as well as female) - a special type of windbreaker, devoid of the usual through fastener, but equipped with a capacious pocket "kangaroo" and a mandatory hood. In addition, in such a jacket there is certainly a special cord that regulates the hood and the bottom of the product, there is a small "zipper" in the neck area, as well as elastic cuffs that prevent cold air from entering the sleeves.

The original cut of the anorak was invented by the Inuit - tribes that inhabit the modern territory of Canada. Initially, intended for athletes (tourists and climbers), the anorak was positioned as lightweight, absolutely breathable clothing, which was worth buying for cool autumn and spring days.

Features and Benefits

Today, anorak has become a very popular type of clothing, both for outdoor enthusiasts and for those who simply do not want to sacrifice comfort during the autumn storm. Popular and highly demanded anorak to buy for men at the most attractive price in ... not only fans of hiking and mountaineering, but also hunters and fishermen, athletes and simply adherents of a healthy lifestyle strive. But the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are happy to try on universal “unisex” models, made in basic colors, or prefer to buy brighter, purely feminine options to create stylish urban bows.

And why not, if the jacket:

• made of high-quality, wear-resistant fabric, which creates a reliable barrier to rain and cold wind;

• equipped with a convenient, capacious front pocket - in purely sports models this is especially important when the side pockets are inaccessible due to the straps of the backpack;

• lightweight and compact, and will take up very little space in your bag or backpack - so you will always be fully armed if the forecast promises bad weather;

• sold at a price that will not affect the residents' budget in any way.

Of course, like any thing, the anorak has drawbacks: not only is it worn exclusively over the head, it is still impossible to unfasten it if it gets too hot.

What did you not know about anorak?

Perhaps you have met information that the anorak is an extremely light jacket that does not protect from the winter cold?

We hasten to please you: this information is out of date. A winter anorak equipped with an additional insulating layer of holofiber is an excellent option for frost: stylish, comfortable, warm, not blown out and not wet. Isn't that just great news? It is enough to buy a winter anorak for men at the best price in ..., so as not to limit yourself in the choice of leisure during the most severe winter.

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