6 Things That Don't Fit in a Men's Wardrobe

The main problem of young people is that when they want to consciously choose their wardrobe items, they are guided by famous people, fashion gurus who are not always really stylish. The situation is also complicated by the Internet with a huge amount of information about fashion trends of different years, which can easily be mistaken for the latest news and follow them. Therefore, it is important to find reliable sources of information and listen to them.

At the dawn of their fashion, butterflies could be found in any store. At any party, event or reception, you could see several men with this type of tie, made from completely different materials. And no one wondered why you need to wear a bow around your neck. Over time, they began to be considered old-fashioned and now they are generally off the list of fashion trends.

Some time ago, every guy believed that an elegant and pretentious jacket made of velvet or other luxurious fabrics was an essential part of his wardrobe. Now these jackets are considered kitsch and a sign of bad taste.

A shirt with a collar "wings" briefly entered men's wardrobes. Massive collars with buttons on them made the neck much thicker and shorter, and the usual colorful colors gave the image "elegance", but in fact emphasized the bad taste. Therefore, it is best to bypass these shirts.

Zero years were the most shocking time. On the subway, one could meet a man in a cowboy hat, a belt with a badge and boots, which did not cause any particularly surprised looks. The belt with a badge is especially entrenched in the images of men. However, the fashion for them began to decline after the stalls in the metro, where they were sold, began to close.

When Justin Timberlake was at the peak of his popularity, many guys thought that he was popular with girls only because of his feature - a vest over a white shirt. And, of course, they began to copy this image. However, the combination of these things will not be beneficial for everyone, so it is better to exclude them from your wardrobe.

For a long time, leather jackets have invariably occupied a place of honor in the wardrobe of a fashionista. However, the idea came up to combine a leather jacket and jackets, transferring any elements and lines from the first to the second. In fact, it is not so bad and can allow you to build a spectacular image. But more often than not, everyone adds to this large buttons, orders and other things that turned the whole image into a costume for the carnival. Therefore, with biker jackets, you should be as careful as possible.

All these simple tips will help you build a trendy, stylish, and most importantly, modern wardrobe.

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