5 Key Men's Wardrobe Trends in 2021

It doesn't matter if you are a fashionista or an inveterate conservative - any man can dress beautifully and stylishly. If there is a desire to maintain a balance between his outer appearance and inner content, a man will pay attention to what are the trends in the world of clothing and style. Well, and without the desire to please the weaker sex also does not do. Therefore, I propose to consider the style trends and trends in men's wardrobe in 2021.

Functional clothing

It can be called by different names: military style, work style, safari clothing. In any case, it reflects the spirit of our time, when a person needs to overcome a huge variety of obstacles and possibly even save the world from the apocalypse. Loose cargo pants, functional suits with military elements, safari jackets with many patch pockets, panamas and caps are in fashion.


This style is based on simplicity and the absence of any frills. Monochrome monochrome, practical material, a minimum of pockets and straight lines are its main components. In principle, many men dress like this all their lives without knowing these details.

Marine style clothing

Some might think that the nautical style is similar to the previous trend. This is partly so, because vests have always been in fashion among a strong half of humanity, and women do not bypass them with their attention. But, modern trends are making many notable additions. Shirts and hats with marine paraphernalia, light trousers, jumpers, T-shirts and T-shirts with white and blue or gray stripes have become popular in the world. The main thing is not to overdo it and not look ridiculous and caricatured.

Knitted clothes

Knitted items are also in use this year, as they were 10 years ago. Especially if there is some stylish print on a sweater, jumper or vest, or an inscription like: Love Is .... Various Scandinavian or runic patterns, as well as options with portraits, are popular. An interesting addition to knitted items will be large buttons, collars with fur, original fasteners.


Short pants or long shorts - this is what a stinging skeptic might call this clothing, but, be that as it may, Bermuda shorts are back in men's fashion trend. Wide trousers just above the knee are usually worn in warm, equatorial latitudes. However, with the rapid warming of the climate, Bermuda shorts, as part of the wardrobe, began to be worn all over the world. Probably, they can even become an original addition for lovers of functional style, like the clothes of employees of the colonial British troops.

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